The Experience/Book

How I Lost All My Fucks
 is a one-month experience that will have you losing all yours. I reveal my personal fuckfull to fuckless tale in all of its glory detail -shitfaced teen experiences, lessons from jail time, and very personal revelations – then I hand it over to you:
GAF defintionYou’ll be simultaneously doing a meditation challenge, which will teach you several styles of meditation; and a series of Fuckless Adventures, which are totally as fun as they sound. (But they’ll also leave you feeling irrevocably changed, for the better.)

How I Lost All My Fucks aims to be a cathartic emotional rollercoaster after which you will never be the same.  Kind of like doing hallucinogens or having sex for the first time, but no one’s going to talk about how weird skin looks at great lengths, nor get an STD. Stay tuned for info on the release of How I Lost All My Fucks…

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2 thoughts on “The Experience/Book

    1. It’s not available yet, but hopefully this year! I wish you all the luck in the meantime, and I hope that you know you deserve a fulfilling and wonderful relationship. You got this!!


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