32 Months of H-E Double Hockey Sticks

In late 2015, I nearly died from B12 deficiency (because that’s a thing); which catapulted moderate undiagnosed fibromyalgia symptoms to completely debilitating. And they stayed that way. This was all compounded by the chaos of undiagnosed autism, which wouldn’t be addressed until spring of 2020.

My once normal-esque world completely and totally crumbled. I’m much improved now, but the lows were intensely low; like 20 months of near-complete isolation (I’ve known quarantine for yearrrs), repeat hospitalization, and homelessness, low, lows.

The following selection of Instagram posts is from this 32-month crisis, starting after 13 months of slowly peeling myself off my almost-deathbed (whilst trapped in my studio alone); and ending with blessed chronic-illness-friendly dispensary employment. I’ll let the posts fill you in:



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