What is ‘New Age’ Spirituality, Really?

I’m someone who’s very into what is commonly known as ‘new age’ spirituality, ‘woo-woo,’ or, more recently (and delightfully), ‘witchy stuff.’ This is something that I kept to myself for most of my life, having now openly written about it at starting seven years ago, at 30 years old; after having been raised with aligned beliefs, studying philosophy extensively in college, and a lot more afterwards. 

But mostly I secretly mused to myself back then, unwittingly in sort of a thought conversation via what I now think of as everyday intuition; but 20 years ago it just felt like magic – especially when I started learning about the ideas in a class on eastern philosophy after they arose in my own mind.

And it’s not not magic. It’s not exactly the show ‘Charmed’ either, but it’s still really cool, and I’m going to tell you about it. It may seem too different or ‘out there’ to consider, but please try. By the end, you’ll probably be surprised at how grounded and helpful this whole thing actually can be – especially when objectively compared to traditional philosophies on the matter…

‘God’ is Kinda Like ‘The Force’ 

What if there was a force of consciousness, most succinctly described as love, that replicated itself, then divided that reflection into infinity? What if it were a creative energy that exists simply to experience life in all its forms? You can call it ‘God,’ if you want to, but I call this energy names like ‘juju,’ divine presence, the universe, etc., to avoid confusion with religion. It emanates through everything, through all of energy itself, including (the illusion) of space and time. 

Therefore, I am ‘God.’ And you are God. And so is this keyboard. And my turmeric tea here, definitely God. (This has been called animism throughout history and is a belief of many ancient religions and philosophies, as are many other of the ideas presented by spirituality.)

This force doesn’t judge, and there is no heaven or hell, really; just planes of existence closer and further from source energy (another great moniker for ‘God’). After we die, we go back to somewhere much closer to source energy, it’s like a love puddle where we’re all connected. It’s often referred to in spiritual circles as home. Hell isn’t a thing in spirituality, but we can sure create something like it here on earth, and many are living it. 

Spiritual awakening is all about creating heaven on earth by ascending into Christ consciousness. This is semi-aligned with Christianity, but with spiritual folk feeling that ‘the return of Christ’ is not an incarnation of a human; but a rise in mass consciousness due increasingly lighter energy, as well as thousands of old souls incarnating to teach. (Many, if not most, religious concepts neatly fold into spiritual ideas, as if religions were started in the exact same way – from humans accessing divine guidance from within, on their own.)

Earth’s Kinda Like a School

So, as humans, we’re not meant to be super-focused with what happens after we die (we were just there before birth, it’s lovely, but be here now); we’re here to learn through this bonkers experience of being human. From living on a planet that’s got a destructive cyclic history – one that this rise in consciousness will eventually cease, ushering in a new age of enlightenment. (This is where the ‘new age’ label originates, but, again, these ideas are ancient.) 

Our souls have specific plans when we incarnate, choosing our whole birth situations – the body, the parents, the personality struggles, the whole shebang. Yup, we picked the whole setup! Everything’s our own faults. And we volunteered to be alive too, due to our soul’s desire to create and grow.

I’ve dealt with dangerous depression, and knowing that I chose this life has been a big part of what’s kept me alive on this mindfuck of a planet – if I leave I know I’ll just choose to reincarnate all over again. Then I’d have to relearn how to walk, talk, do the whole school and puberty thing all over again. And I’d just choose similar challenges for the repeater lifetime, because, karma.

Plus, even though life, and especially the people and popular paradigms within it, can be truly maddening – the beauty, light, humor, and magic-feeling serendipity make it all worth it. And that part gets really loud whenever I’ve gotten too close. (So, world, looks like you’re stuck with me.)

‘The Secret’ is Kinda Real.

As for the rest of life’s challenges, well they’re all our fault too. Our souls (ourselves, we’re multidimensional beings!), sort of drive us like in a video game; except that we can ignore these instructions – received as inspiration, intuition, conscience, and the like – and do whatever we want. 

Most of the time. Sort of.

We can certainly wander off our chosen path; but some occurrences in our lives just will be, they are unavoidable, they are fated. Other happenings are karmically magnetized, but I don’t mean the ‘life’s a bitch’ punitive idea; but our soul noting the lessons we haven’t learned yet, and us being attracted to situations and people that will present opportunities to learn them properly. (However, these are often unpleasant experiences, increasingly contrasted with repetition, since we’re not getting it; leading to karma’s bad rep.) 

But there’s more. It’s not all about lessons, life should also be fun! Remember The Secret? That book/movie/phenomenon was an idea commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction (LOA). That book was about how to use it to create one’s dreams; but there’s a lot more to LOA than presented there, so I don’t recommend it for anything more than tips and inspo after gaining knowledge from more comprehensive sources.

The most important thing to know about LOA is that we’ll create the things we focus on – so choose to spend your time looking at your dreams, not your worries. We create everything in our lives using this force (via feelings –> thoughts –> actions), our karmic plan + newly created karma; as well as the needs of our egos, bodily urges, and personalities.

Alignment, Intuition, and How to Meditate

Being ‘in alignment’ is to be in tune with the desires of your soul, rather than just the wants of your human mind. Being in alignment often happens to us even when we’re not trying, you’ve definitely experienced it. It happens when you’re in an emotional space that feels light, feeling present without even trying, when things feel graceful and easy, and your thoughts are contemplative and wise – if only for that enlightened-feeling moment. (Tom Robbins once aptly described these beautiful and often fleeting experiences of understanding as, ‘slippery fish.’)

Walking a spiritual path means consistently making choices aligned with your soul’s desires, which you’ll suss out by using your intuitive guidance. To do this, you’ll need to learn how to meditate, which I’ll teach you in this paragraph: Get comfy, but not so comfy you’ll fall asleep, close your eyes, and try to calm your mind while focusing on the sensations of your breath. When a thought interrupts you, note it, without judgement, and let it go. Or, as the teacher Mooji says, ‘Let every thought come and hug you, but you don’t hug anything. Then, gradually, the noise will start to back off.’

Once you start getting some mental peace, you’ll create room in your mental space for intuitive inspiration to rise from within. This will often come as vague feelings, hunches, and ideas that you have to sort out to make sense of; something that I’ve come to think of as translating energy. (Many call receiving the info an ‘energetic download.’) Intuition will also arise as thoughts that feel light but also completely neutral in tone, even if the news is very exciting or very upsetting. Other times it will just be sudden knowings – abrupt clarity on life choices or formerly foggy ideas (often spiritual concepts). 

It’s freakin’ awesome. Okay. That’ll do for now. ❤

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