Autism/ND ❤

Surprise! Turns out, I’m autistic. – In which I discover I’m autistic…at 37 years old.

When You’re Autistic, But Don’t “Seem” Like It – Looks can be deceiving…there’s so much people don’t know.

Autistic Burnout from the Inside – It’s more than just “burnout,” it’s neurological incapacitation.

I Am More Than My Malfunctioning Brain And Body – Ableism doesn’t usually come in the form of teasing, it comes in the form of being written off.

Autism becomes a superpower when it is empowered. – But how tf do we do that? Here’s some ideas, from one trying autie.

The #ActuallyAutistic Movement vs. Sia’s Movie, ‘Music’ – Authentic representation matters, especially when the demographic is so vulnerable.

7 Benefits of My Late Autism Diagnosis– It’s about brain functionality and mental health, not “feeling special.”

Autism Acceptance > Autism “Awareness” – Awareness efforts very often do more harm than good to the autistic community. Listen to us, not people talking *about* us.

My 9-Year Authenticity Mission Led to an Autism Diagnosis – Plus, tips for your own life-changing authenticity mission.