I had a storied childhood in Alaska, Washington, and Northern California before losing my mother to suicide at fourteen years old. As an adult I faced three lay-offs in the five years after the recession began, followed by a serious health crisis, which is still ongoing. I’ve also lived in 8 different cities since graduating college in 2005, replanting myself all over the place.

FB_IMG_1514574159040Dealing with all of these events and choices led to lots of shenanigans, risky choices, a brief stint in jail, homelessness, and, eventually and sometimes simultaneously — reflection and lessons learned. (How I Lost All My F-cks is a result of that last bit.)

I fell in love with meditation 15 years ago, and mindfulness (its result) is my biggest passion. I’m also a lover of art-making and have a Bachelor’s in Fine Art from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. (I also had concentrations in Philosophy and Sociology.) I’ve shown in many shows throughout the left states, and have been lucky enough to garner many commissions.

In addition to these things, I make a damn fine veggie curry, adore playing outside, throw a killer charity fundraiser, and have mastered the ability to bingewatch brilliant shows for hours at a time. I’m new to the Long Beach area from Portland and LOVING it.