Tarot Trip

I bought my first deck of tarot cards about two years ago, after having my first reading—which had stunned me with its accuracy.  Before that experience I had always likened tarot cards to newspaper horoscopes; lots of general advice that could apply to anyone and therefore really doesn’t apply to anyone.  For me, it’s turned out to be a very different story.

To fill you in on the Tarot, it’s a pack of cards that have different meanings.  The origin is debated, some saying they go back to ancient Egypt and others saying Italy in the 14th century, with many other guesses.  Some play games with them, but my interest is in divination—using the cards for guidance in life.

Even after I bought the cards I was still a bit suspect.  I thought that maybe the intuitive reader was just very skilled, and that I probably wouldn’t come up with much on my own.  I tried anyways, and within a few days I was shocked at the frequency of certain cards.  Over, and over, and over, and over; these same cards would pop up, cards that had serious meaning in regard to my present life.

I’m still at it two years later!  I’m still not as good as the pros, and I like to occasionally have others read for me.  They tend to expand on what I’ve picked up on my own—and have yet to contradict anything!

Tarot cards don’t predict the future, they won’t be like, “Yo Meg, your shit’s about to take off, your book’s gonna be published, and it’s going to be a cultural phenom.”  But they’ll be all, “A prosperous new time is coming”, or more often, “Work your ass off, honey.”

They don’t say it like that, of course, but most cards do come with books for explanations of the cards meanings; and it’s your job as the reader to feel into how they could apply to your life.  I like to meditate while I shuffle for a few minutes, chose a card that feels right, and then, with my eyes closed; feel what the card will apply to, and then I open my eyes to see the card.

I usually just draw however many I like, in response to my own questions; like a dialogue with the cards and my guidance.  And sometimes I use traditional pulls with just one question in mind.  I’ve noticed that they seem to respond to my mood—and I no longer draw cards when I’m feeling fearful or upset, it just makes it worse!

Tarot has become an insightful and entertaining tool for guidance and inner-exploration in my life.  I quite fancy it, and recommend it to anyone who’s even remotely curious.