How I Lost All My F-cks

ill drag

How I Lost All My F-cks is more than a book. It’s a 3-part experience, lasting one month, and it’s designed to have you losing all yours:

“Basically giving too many fucks is when we give our power up to others.  When we place our value in others’ opinions. When our actions are dictated by fear of others’ reactions. When we decide that their opinions mean more than our desires.”

In Part I, I tell my fuckfull to fuckless tale, using stories to illustrate just what I mean by fucklessness, and why we need it, badly. It’ll take you through learning to care about all the wrong stuff (as so many of us do), teen shenanigans, serendipitous magic in a philosophy class, near-death meets chronic illness, adventures in jail and mental institutions, homelessness, and more.  

While you’re reading this tale, you’ll also be engaged in Parts II and III. Part II is a 30-day meditation challenge, teaching you various methods of mindfulness meditation, which I’ve been practicing for close to two decades. (And I’ll even teach it without any patchouli!) While you’re finding your meditation groove, you’ll also be rising to the challenge of 20 Fuckless Adventures; all aimed to incorporate more authenticity and vulnerability in your life, connect (safely) with others, and immerse you in a whole lot of fun. All together it’s an average of 20 minutes a day or so, longer if you get creative with it.

The world is currently a confusing place, and this book will help you to find your place within it by teaching you to center in yourself. By the end of your fuckless experience, you’ll feel like your life has gone through a refreshing cleanse, and so has your mind – which is really your home, if you think about it. (And the lease is for the rest of your life.)

I’m currently seeking a publisher for her, so please keep checking back.

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