The Experience/Book

ill dragHow I Lost All My Fucks is more than a book. It’s a one-month experience designed to have you losing all yours:

“Basically giving too many fucks is when we give our power up to others.  When we place our value in others’ opinions. When our actions are dictated by fear of others’ reactions. When we decide that their opinions mean more than our desires.

I tell my fuckfull to fuckless tale with childhood memories, shenanigan-filled reveries, and illustrations – then I hand it over to you. One month of very “hands-on” learning with Fuckless Adventures and a daily meditation practice (with a grounded and ill frongirreverent how-to) will have you well on your way to fucklessness. (All together it’s an GAF defintionaverage of 20 minutes a day or so, longer if you get creative with it.)

How I Lost All My Fucks a mindfulness one – two – PUNCH! – that will change your outlook for long after the month-long experience has wrapped up. HILAMF aims to be a cathartic emotional rollercoaster after which you will never be the same. Kind of like doing hallucinogens or having sex for the first time, but no one’s going to talk about how weird skin looks at great lengths, get an STD.

Stay tuned for info on the release of How I Lost All My Fucks…

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